Los Ángeles en México
Still need your help
We still need your support
for the families in tecuanipa

Los Ángeles en México invites you to join forces to build a home for a family in need in Tecuanipa, Mexico. Start by joining our GoFundMe campaign to raise $15,000 USD for the construction of the home. Become a Team Member and make a wish come true.

This fundraising will benefit the family of Edith and Francisco and their 4 children: Diana (10), Frida (5), Francisco Gael (3) and Axel (2).

This family lost their home over 2 years ago, and they have been living in separate homes ever since because they’re a big family and they couldn’t stay with relatives in just one home. The parents are farmers and sadly they don’t make enough money to build a house or pay the rent.
Do you want to join the team? Send us e-mail address for the team link to: support@onechildrensfoundation.org

Donate and Share : https://gf.me/u/x9zzy6

Together we can do this! No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.



San Miguel Tecuanipa

This is the town we are focus on working to make a bigger impact.
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Your company can make a difference in the life of a family that has lost everything due to the earthquake.
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Our Program Founders

We not only share a profession but a love for Mexico and a desire to give our support and help in every way we can.


Words from our supporters

Paul Presburger

Pantelion Films and Pantaya are proud to support the amazing women of Los Angeles En Mexico as they bring aid from the creative community in Hollywood to the areas in Mexico in need. As companies focused on bringing great Mexican content to the diaspora in the United States, we are only too happy to help these super heroes make good!

Luis Roberto

We are fortunate to collaborate with Los Angeles en Mexico, it has been the best experiencie for us with efficient execution of the projects achieving social and environmental impact working with underpriviledged communities. It is remarkable to witness first hand the commitment of empowered women trying to make a difference. They have inspired our whole organization with their contagious energy and testimony of hard work. Let's keep up our social endeavours!

Zélika García

I am thrilled to be involved with Los Ángeles en México. The women who lead this project share my passion for helping communities and their initiatives have made a significant difference in Mexico.

Gabriela Carranza
It is an honor to collaborate with women that I admire in every way: hard workers, dedicated and passionate in every activity they do; putting the name of Mexico high and above all helping its people with that great heart that characterizes them.

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