Los Ángeles en México

Cause Marketing

Your company can make a difference

in the life of a family while increasing the promotion of your company and sponsoring Los Ángeles en México.

Because of increased competition in the global business environment, American consumers view companies in a better light when they support causes that are important to them. This plays an important part in their purchasing decisions. Nearly 76 percent of Americans switch company brands and/or retailers when their purchase went towards helping a certain cause that they viewed as important. Moreover, about two-thirds of consumers trust companies aligned with a social cause more than those that are not.

Los Ángeles en México would love the opportunity to work with your company in developing cause marketing programs that enhance your company's brand equity, leverage position publicity, and increase consumer loyalty to your products and/or services.
Help make a difference in a family’s life by working with Los Ángeles en México. to support children in México to rebuild their homes after the earthquake

Partner with our nonprofit program that tirelessly works for improving the lives of children. Our cause marketing team can help improve the visibility of your company and achieve your marketing objectives through promotions increasing exposure for your brand, products, and services while supporting ONE's mission to transform the lives of disadvantaged children by providing food, shelter, health, education, and self assurance.

Los Angeles en Mexico is a program on ONE Children’s Foundation